Solidarity and Peace Campaign

Iranian Canadian Community – Iranian Canadian Rights

We believe in the collective power of the Iranian community. We fight for our community’s right to be treated free from all forms of discrimination and stand in solidarity with them on their ongoing effort for lasting peace, while supporting constructive dialogue across our differences.



Building and strengthening solidarity amongst Iranians community in Canada
Establishing stronger social and professional networks between Iranians living in Canada
Continue efforts to establish diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran as we advocate removal of sanctions and strengthening peace.
Providing further opportunities for Iranians to participate in economic, social, and political affairs in Canada​
Effectively challenging all forms of discrimination against Iranians and actively fighting for the rights of the Iranian Canadian community


Kayhan Razavi
Younes Zangiabadi
Dr. Arezou (Saïdeh) Khadir
Dr. Ahmad Ehsandar
Reza Namdari
Dr. Amir Hassan Ghaseminejad
Mohsen Khaniki
Saman Tabasinejad
Dr. Moslem Noori


"Solidarity and Peace" campaign platforms


  • Hosting roundtable discussions to encourage dialogue and constructive exchange of ideas across Iranian Canadian community.
  • Establishing networks between Iranian and Canadian cultural and artistic organizations and groups in order to preserve and promote Iranian culture and art.
  • Supporting active efforts of various institutions for offering Farsi language courses in schools across the country.
  • Raising awareness around mental health as a matter of public health among Iranian Canadians.
  • Supporting and facilitating the participation of Iranian women within the social, cultural, political, and economic spheres of Canada.
  • Challenging all forms of discrimination and or double standard practices against Iranian nationals residing in Canada. Continuing efforts for the reopening of Iranian and Canadian embassies and consulates to facilitate the immigration, cultural, commercial, tourism and educational relations of Iranian and Canadian citizens, as well as other immigrants in Canada.
  • Organizing collective actions and facilitating effective communications with Canadian lawmakers and governmental bodies to challenge and prevent all forms of intervention, including military and economic sanctions, against Iran, or other forms of violence that disrupt the peace and well-being of Canadian Iranians.
  • Continuing efforts to prosecute Iranian embezzlers fleeing to Canada.
  • Providing legal and political support to the Iranian community, including advocating for the rights of victims and survivors of PS752 flight in accordance with international law and human rights.
  • Acting as liaison between the Iranian Canadian community and the Canadian politicians and lawmakers at both provincial and federal levels to advocate for the rights of Iranian Canadian community in Canada.
  • Advocating and providing support to international Iranian students on issues related to obtaining study permit or permanent residency.
  • Working with the federal government to ensure the fair implementation of immigration policies for Iranian applicants for permanent residency and citizenship.
  • Proposing necessary amendments to the by-laws of the ICC to resolve the existing ambiguities.
  • Establishing provincial branches to strengthen the communication networks with members of the Congress in various provinces.
  • Providing democratic mechanisms to encourage the maximum participation of Iranians and facilitate the exchange of public opinion on various matters, through conducting professional and continuous polls.
  • Providing periodic reports of activities by the executives.
  • Creating and strengthening more effective platforms, in Farsi, English, and French, for optimal communication with members about the ICC’s documents and news, such as publishing newsletters and using social media.
  • Establishing and supporting effective communication and information networks to support new Iranians immigrants arriving in Canada.
  • Facilitating the Iranian community’s access to various specialties of the Iranian Canadian community, by enabling the creation of a system to introduce Iranian businesses as well as job search for Iranians living in Canada.
  • Establishing networks of solidarity and collaboration with immigrant communities and other civil society organizations to collectively lobby the relevant provincial and federal bodies for the improvement of support systems for our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Introducing and supporting Iranian Canadian charities in order to facilities community fundraising in times of need, such as natural disasters in Iran.
  • Facilitating the access of the Iranian Canadian community to the existing opportunities and support programs offered by the Government of Canada for various purposes including businesses and industries, economic, research, cultural and social institutions.